Take the Plunge

I did it!  I took the plunge.  🙂

Here’s the cliff-note story…

I got saved and baptized on March 2013.  Here’s a picture.  On this day, I walked up to the front of All Souls Church in West Seattle, shared my testimony to the entire congregation, then the pastor sprinkled water on my head and we all had cake afterwards.  Good times.  My life since then has never been the same, as I turned my back away from a sinful lifestyle and realized that much of my entire life up until then had been a lie.  I turned towards Jesus, stuck my nose in the Bible, and got deeply involved in church.  

Fast forward 6 years later.  It is now February 2019.  I’m still loving Jesus and walking on the path, however, after I left All Souls, I never saw another pastor sprinkle water on anyone’s head ever again.  I kept seeing church websites talking about baptism by “immersion.”  Every time I visited churches and they were doing baptisms, everyone I saw got fully submerged, dripping wet in a body of water.  I even saw people getting dunked in the freezing cold waters of the Puget Sound.  Hmm.. interesting.  I thought it was semantics and just kept carrying on.  

Until the Holy Spirit kept nudging me.  Once God’s voice became clear, there was no question what I needed to do.  I realized that I didn’t just want a sprinkle of Jesus in my life, I want Him all.  I never doubted my conversion and salvation 6 years ago, but figure, if God says to take the plunge, then so be it.  A few months ago, I saw a trailer for a movie about an ex-gangster who was in prison, and then came to Jesus.  He was so on fire for God and took Matthew 28:19 so seriously (Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit), that he bought a hot tub, put it in the back of his pick-up truck, and would drive through gang neighborhoods and invite people to be baptized right then and there on the streets.  I secretly wished that a truck would come driving through my neighborhood, or that I’d be at some random place, like the grocery store, and there would be a tub in the parking lot, or I’d be hiking somewhere and there would happen to be a priest baptizing people in a river.  However, nonetheless, it happened in the Faith and Victory Church parking lot in Auburn, WA.  The good times continue.  😀