Best Sippy Cup

When my son was 6 months old, I started him on the Miracle 360 Spoutless Trainer cup. Highly recommended! It is easy to grip with the handles and the spoutless design doesn’t affect the teeth. It is not 100% spill-proof (aka if it gets thrown on the ground, water will spill).. but hey, that’s real life. 🙂 Overall rating: one thumbs up 👍

Next up, we tried the Miracle 360 Deco cup. Since our first try with the Miracle 360 trainer was a success, I decided to stick with the same brand. This time I chose one without the handles to emulate a real cup and opted for a cute design for fun. However, this cup does not receive the same rave reviews as it’s baby brother trainer cup. On an outing, I had given this cup to my son to drink water in his car seat. When I went to pick him up, the entire cup of water was empty. It leaked everywhere and my son was entirely soaked. Due to this, I give this cup one thumbs down 👎.

Finally, the next cup we tried was the Nuk Magic 360. The package stated that it was ” leak proof, spill proof guaranteed.” I was skeptical, but decided to give it a try. So far, my son has dropped it on the ground over and over, and has also placed the cup upside down on his lap in the car seat for extended travel times, and to my surprise, the packaging is correct.. not a single leak, drop or spill! Coupled with the fact that it also has the spoutless rim which is safe for teeth and is super easy to clean (only 3 parts) makes this the winner in my book so far. Overall rating: two thumbs up 👍👍